Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't Ask Me to Help You Move, Unless You Want Stuff Broken

In a previous post about helping a friend move a television set, you may have noted some anxiety on my part. This is because I have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to moving things. When a friend asked us to help her move out, we managed to break 2 items in a single day. First by resting a new TV on a couch, only to watch it topple straight onto the floor with a crunch. Then forgetting to tape/hold the drawers of a new dresser in, so that when we tilted out of the van they all came spewing out, shattering into pieces. Thank God for Gorilla Glue.

The friend who asked us to help her move out, did not call us when she moved in to her new place.

My all time favorite mover's moment happened during a Purging of the church education wing. We were reorganizing rooms for new programs and needed to get rid of our junk for Jesus.

At the end of the day we were tired, and most of my help had disappeared leaving me, and another lady on Staff. The education wing is on the second floor, which requires us to carry things down a long flight of stairs. Rather than expending useless energy we decided that we would simply hurl this junk down the steps. After all it was going to the dump. What harm could we do?

The couches were fine, unfortunately the bottom step is not. Chalk it up to another lesson learned in how not to move furniture.

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